A brief bit about me… Past, Present and Future


I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in photography in 1991. After graduation, I worked as a photographer for seven years, while traveling across America and Canada. Most of my previous stuff was fairly traditional, because that was what paid the bills.


Although my passion was photography, I found computers to be much more lucrative. I joined the dark side and got a “real job” as a Network Engineer.


So here I am, after an eight year break from photography, finding myself missing the camera and wanting to pick up where I left off.


I am getting back into the swing of things, and updating my portfolio. Now that I have a stable income, and don’t have to worry about the bills as much, I plan on concentrating on the creative side of photography.


If you need to work on your portfolio, have some interesting ideas that you like to try, or would like to help me explore the creative side, hit me up.  I am more than willing to do Trade For Prints (TFP) or Trade For CD (TFCD) work, especially if it is an interesting project. I am currently working on expanding my portfolio to include some Goth and Retro stuff, so if this sounds like your type of shoot, give me a call.